w650is it boring? What I thought when I actually rode.

Kaoru Sugiura

Hello, Kaoru Sugiura (@munenmusou_blog)My name is.

I have a Kawasaki w650 classic bike.

When you google w650, there is a word “W650 Boring” that appears.

I don’t feel bored riding the w650.

However, there are many people who actually think so, so it will be displayed in that way.

I have owned about 10 bikes, and I like writing impression articles about various bikes.

From my point of view, there are parts where I think, “Some people may find the w650 boring.”

This time, I will write about the points that the w650 may seem boring and who should not ride the w650.


What I find boring about the w650

Big bike but has no power

W650 is50horsepower.(later48horsepower)

It is inferior to the 400cc CB400SF.

The feeling of acceleration is slow, probably because of the long stroke.

the throttle when you open it raises the number of revolutions heavily like a diesel truck.

I even have the impression that the 125cc PCX I’m riding as a sub is going more lightly.

Weak brake suspension

The brakes and suspension of the W650 are necessary and sufficient for a leisurely run, butInsufficient performance when running sporty feel

Since it is old, there are some parts that have deteriorated over time.

the brake does not work.

W650 overall sports performance is not high

not comfortable on the highway

W650, the highway is painful.

Even though it has 48hp and more power than a 250cc sports bike.

It has only 5 gears, a vibrating engine, and a soft frame with weak brakes.

Even cruising 100km isn’t fun.

Some people think 2 cylinders are not fun

What makes the w650 “double” is the twin-cylinder engine with a 360° crank.

There are probably many W650/W800 owners who like the unique vibration.

However, it is a 2-cylinder engine.

It can be said that it is not interesting for those who like 4 shots.

Also, since the feeling is different from the single cylinder, some people may have the impression that the band is short and the band is long.

Such a person may find the W650 boring

People who want to feel extraordinary on a motorcycle

Everyone has different reasons for riding a bike.

However, as a reason to ride a large motorcycle wants to experience “extraordinary” There may be something called.

For such people, the W650 will feel boring.

Riding a liter class large bike gives you an extraordinary experience.

It has higher power performance than a poor supercar and has incredible acceleration and braking and cornering performance inherited from a racing machine.

on the other hand, W650 has acceleration performance that is likely to lose to 250cc sports

When braking or driving around a curve, you have to worry about being poked from behind.

Before I rode the W650, I rode the TRX850.

After changing to W650I think my arm fell off on the curves.

With the W650, you can’t even say that you can feel extraordinary power and performance.

W650 is a vehicle to enjoy life-size.

It can be said that it is a motorcycle that exists as an extension of everyday life.

People who diversify highway driving

We do not recommend touring on the W650 which makes heavy use of highways.

I also rode the current W800, but the W650 has lower highway performance than the W800.

The frame is noticeably softer and gives the impression of crumbling on the highway.

Even if you say you can run up to 100km, it’s pretty scary if you put out 120km.

I changed about 10 motorcycles, but in terms of driving performance on the highway, it is faster to think from the bottom.

I would say that it is more comfortable than SEROW 250 because of the displacement.

At least I can guarantee that you’ll feel like you’re wasting money, time, and tires on the highway with the W650.

It is not suitable for touring on holidays and going out on highways.

Running on the highway with W650 is boring, rather scary.

People who do mass touring at high speed

Mass touring is one way to enjoy a motorcycle.

I have experienced mass touring dozens of times, but if you want to enjoy mass touring, the important thing is that the speed range is close.

This depends not only on the rider’s ability but also on the bike’s performance.

In other words, mixing slow and fast bikes makes mass touring frustrating.

The w650 is clearly a slow bike

If you go winding with Supersports, no matter how skilled you are, you can’t keep up.

If your friends are fast bikes, even if you are naked, you will be happier if you ride a fast bike like the Z900RS or MT-09.

You may think that it is boring to ride in such a face with W650.

People who think the W650 is boring may just be too early to get on.

Some people find the w650 boring.

A bike is a bike that you ride with your own sensibility.

I don’t deny that there are likes and dislikes about bikes.

w650Classic bikes like the ones that don’t have high power or brake performance, I think you’ll come to appreciate them as your bike history gets longer.

I’ve been riding bikes for 10 years, and my friends who started riding around the same time have gradually started to want bikes with moderate performance.

It’s definitely not a bike that blasts you off the highway, and it’s a bike that you can follow, let alone make a difference in the corners.

However, the calm performance makes it a fun bike to just ride around the neighborhood.

As you get older, you may come to understand the joy.

I think those who think the W650 is boring are still young.

There may come a day when you think, “Wow, the w650 was a good bike.”

Kaoru Sugiura
A man who was president of a motorcycle circle when he was a student
・Motorcycle history 10 years
・Mileage over 100,000 km
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