Please stop this kind of ““yeah”

Kaoru Sugiura

In the last 10 years or so, the so-called ““yeah”” in which motorcycle riders pass each other and greet each other in Japan has become popular.

When I was in a motorcycle club at university, I used to do mass touring.

Recently, there is a lot of solo touring, so I only answer when asked by the other party, and I don’t do it myself.

However, there are many scenes where I think about how to respond to “yeah” these days and that it is dangerous.

This time, from the perspective of a touring rider who has been riding for about 10 years, has a total mileage of about 100,000 km and has ridden in 47 prefectures, this article summarizes the content that I want you to quit.

In this article, we do not dispute the legality of “yeah”.


Stop “yeah” in blind curves

When I was a student, I often went to “Doshi Michi”.

As any rider who lives in the Kanto region knows, Doshi Michi is the mecca of “yeah”.

I have the impression that about 70% of the riders are “yeah”.

However, it is okay to do “yeah”, but I want you to think about the situation where the other person can return it.

Doshimichi has many blind curves and combined with the amount of traffic, it is a road with a high number of traffic accidents.

I don’t want the other person to “yeah” me when I approach that blind curve.

Those who “yeah” well “yeah” because they think they have passed the curve, but those who have done it will be in a situation where they are about to enter the curve.

It may lead to acts that pose danger to the other party, so I think it is better to refrain from “yeah” before and after the curve.

You won’t notice if you’re in the black.

While touring, you may be yelled at by riders who look like black battle suits even their wear, gloves, helmets, and shields.

I often notice it just before we pass each other, and I think there are many “yeah” that we miss.

In particular, if you raise your hand lightly (a pose like Kim Jong Il’s greeting), even if you raise your hand, the color of your wear and hand will be assimilated.

If you are going to “yeah”, you should make it easier for the other person to see, such as changing the color of the gloves so that the other person can easily respond.

If you’re going to do it, you’d be better if you were bold

“yeah”, like Kim Jong Il’s reciprocation earlier, it is difficult to tell whether he is playing with the intercom or opening and closing the shield.

“yeah”, who waves his hand anyway, can return it with peace of mind.

It’s a safety trade-off, but it’s worth researching “yeah”’s pose as well.

I was scared by the people who stood up and “yeah”.

Think about the distance to “yeah”

Some people come to ye about 10 meters before passing each other.

The moment you take your hand off the steering wheel to reciprocate it, he moves far backward.

It would be nice if you didn’t expect it to be returned but hazed.

The proper “yeah” pause-start distance will be proportional to the relative speed of the bike.

If you want to do “yeah” next time, please consider that point and try to start “yeah”.

Review: Let’s think about the safety of the other person and yourself

“yeah” is just a sign among motorcycle riders.

However, in terms of forcing the attention of the person who came to you, or effectively forcing the other person to reciprocate by taking your left hand off the steering wheel, it can be said that “yeah” is an act that reduces the attention of the other person in traffic in some way.

Therefore, as a result, “yeah”, it is not zero for the other party to cause an accident.

However, from my point of view, it is the free will of the other rider not to return the “yeah”, and even if it goes to trial, it will be difficult to prove considerable cause and effect.

Your safety is ensured when performing “yeah”, but you should also consider the safety of the other person.

In fun touring, “yeah”, which is a small interaction with people passing by, causes an accident.

Why don’t you think about it for a moment and try “yeah”?

Kaoru Sugiura
A man who was president of a motorcycle circle when he was a student
・Motorcycle history 10 years
・Mileage over 100,000 km
・Achieved around Japan
Hobbies include long-distance camping touring and playing with motorcycles
Currently riding TRX850, W650, PCX, Mark X

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