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100 Yen Shops, the Rider’s Ally

Kaoru Sugiura

Japanese society is suffering from prolonged deflation.

Japan is filled with low-priced yet high-quality products.

The perfect example of such a store is the 100-yen store.

In short, you can buy high quality products for almost one dollar.

*In fact, the price you pay is 110 yen after taking into account the 10 percent consumption tax.

Recently, this 100 yen store has also started selling camping and touring gear.

Some of these items were actually purchased during my own motorcycle trip.

If you are traveling in Japan, you will probably be indebted to the 100 yen store.

In this article, we will introduce some of the typical 100 yen stores in Japan.



Daiso is the largest 100 yen store in Japan.

It is a huge chain with about 3,600 stores in Japan and about 2,200 stores in 24 countries outside of Japan.

It was Daiso that invented the 100 yen store format.

In recent years, DAISO has become a distinctive feature, selling not only 100-yen items but also 500- and 1,000-yen items.

The pink DAISO sign is a distinguishing feature, and the stores are located on roadsides and in shopping malls.


Celia is another famous 100 yen store in Japan.

It is characterized by its brown sign.

In recent years, its camping goods have been attracting attention, and the key point is that high-quality camping equipment can be purchased for 100 yen.


Cando is another famous 100 yen store.

Since it is often found in malls and not so often on the roadside, you may not have the opportunity to know about it.

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